SOAR Media Features and Volunteer Perspective

Media Features: Record Courier and OAFC

SOAR SRFC is getting lots of attention lately! Two reporters, Kellie Maile of the Record Courier and Emily Odle of the OAFC, came to check out the clinic. They were impressed with the enthusiasm and hard work of our volunteers! The Record Courier featured a wonderful front page article about SOAR SRFC: NEOMED Offers Free Care on Sunday February 5, 2017. We already have patients calling! The OAFC is collaborating with its member clinics to collect patient and volunteer stories that display the depth, quality, and compassionate care that is given freely, or at a minimal cost. These stories allow for patients to vocalize their thoughts, feelings, and understanding of the free clinic in their communities and will be used by the OAFC in expressing need to legislators, Ohio Dept, of Health, and other major funding sources. Three of our patients shared their stories shared their stories with Emily. She was very respectful and asked great questions that allowed them to open up. One of the patients said he loved the care he received because “it was good and saved him thousands”. He said that he “recommended SOAR to his friends”. A big thank you to all the volunteers and those behind the scenes that have worked to get us where we are today!

For more information about the OAFC and their story project contact Emily Odle at

Volunteer’s Perspective
Madeline Goosmann, First year medical student

Why do you think SOAR SRFC is special to the community?

“I decided that SOAR is so special to the community is because it helps everyone who needs it. Other resources are great, but sometimes they have an income cap regardless of someone’s deductible. SOAR is special because we serve anyone who cannot afford their insurance. Whether they are without insurance entirely or have an expensive plan, we will treat them. For a while, my family did not have insurance because my dad switched companies. This was a weird time for my family, as I’m sure it would be for any family. If this happened to a community member, SOAR would be there. That is something that is unique about our clinic.”



Author: Madeline Goosmann

Editors: Eesha Zaheer and Haley Coleman