Live Well Stark County

On February 1, 2017 John Hill, Haley Coleman, Erin Ohliger, and Dr. John Boltri from SOAR SRFC were invited to present at the Live Well Stark County meeting. The meeting was a great way to market SOAR SRFC, share ideas, and hear suggestions from a coalition that is working hard to improve the health of Stark County. SOAR SRFC is excited to continue collaborating with Live Well Stark County to address healthcare needs in northeast Ohio!

Live Well Stark County is a coalition of community leaders working together to make Stark County, Ohio healthier by promoting policies and programs that support wellness through healthy nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco free behaviors. Thier vision is: A community in which healthy eating and exercise habit are the norm and the incidence of chronic disease resulting from poor nutrition, inactive lifestyles, and tobacco is steadily declining. In 2014, through a collaboration between the Stark County Health Department (SCHD), Stark County Park District, JRC and Live Well Stark County, SCHD received a 5-year grant [2015-2019] through the Ohio Department of Health’s Creating Healthy Communities Program (CHC). Focusing in NE Canton, SE Canton, and Massillon City, CHC work plans implement Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change strategies in the areas of healthy eating, active living, and tobacco-free lifestyles.

We are so proud to join others in the effort of making northeast Ohio healthier!



Author: Haley Coleman